What is UNLEASH?

Unleash is a brand, identity, and community. A brand that brings NFT enthusiasts and anime lovers together as a community to build together in the metaverse.

What is the Unleash Trading Card Game?

The Unleash Trading Card Game is a strategy-based card game that can be played online and offline. It is also a collectible card for trading card collection enthusiasts.

Can I redeem an Unleash Trading Card?

All Unleash NFTs are eligible to redeem one limited-edition Unleash Trading Card in both physical and digital form based on the NFTs held.

What is the gameplay of the Unleash Trading Card Game?

Each Unleash NFT will have a different skill trait that may affect the gameplay. Full gameplay rules will be set and released along with the game, which will be launched and tested in three stages, where it will be accessible only to holders to test the gameplay before it is officially launched.

Is the whitelist guaranteed mint?

Yes, and it is free for Whitelist.

When is the mint date?

26/9/2022, 10 a.m. EST

What intellectual property rights do Unleash holders receive?

Unleash holders have full commercial art rights to the Unleash NFT they own.

When Discord?

There will be no Discord for now. Discord will be launched exclusively for holders to join as a private community after the mint where holders can chat, share knowledge and interests, and discuss ideas.

Of course, there's more, like exclusive events such as games and community workshops that will be held for holders to have fun and, most importantly, to learn and grow together as a community.

What is the minting structure and price?

Phase 1 – Public
Supply: 9000
Dynamic Mint Price
Premint: Starts at 0.027 ETH (max cap)
Public: Starts at 0.03 ETH (max cap)
Duration: 4 hours

Phase 2 – WL
Supply: 1000
Mint Price: Free
Duration: 4 hours

What is Dynamic Mint Price?

The mint price will be adjusted accordingly based on the market price and volume where the market deems it fair. The maximum mint price will be capped at 0.027 ETH for all premint entries and 0.03 ETH for the public. The mint price may be adjusted every 15 minutes or so.

For those who minted at a higher mint price, the difference will be refunded to your wallet automatically within 48 hours after the mint ends, with one condition: the NFT has to remain in your wallet in order to be eligible for the refund. The difference will be determined by comparing the minted price with the overall average mint price. For example, if you minted at 0.03 ETH and after the mint ends, the overall average mint price is at 0.016 ETH, the difference of 0.014 ETH will be refunded to your wallet.